You’re Gonna Fall in Love With Palladium

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You’re Gonna Fall in Love With Palladium

Don’t fight it. It’s gonna happen. Once you experience Palladium you’ll never go back to White Gold.

Here’s a quick overview of why so many jewelry designers are turning to Palladium as a replacement for White Gold, and even Platinum for the budget conscious.

Palladium, like Platinum, is a naturally occurring while precious metal. It will never change color.

White Gold is a naturally yellow metal and must be mixed with white alloys to change it’s color. Over time it can fade and change color. To combat this, many jewelers (not us) rhodium plate their white gold to give it a whiter look, so the white gold isn’t even visible. But rhodium wears off and needs to be regularly replaced.

Palladium, like Platinum, is 95% pure. Because of this high purity, Palladium is hypoallergenic. White  Gold ranges from 75% pure (18k) to 58% pure (14k) to 42% pure (10k). The alloys that make up the remainder can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Palladium is lighter weight than Platinum and so more affordable. It is comparable to gold in durability and abrasion resistance.

So, go on … don’t fight it. Come home to Palladium.


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