‘Tis the season to….

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I saw this hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back about how the holiday season is also the season for, well, uh…..helping to repopulate the earth. Is that a PC enough way to get the idea across? It’s the season of warm cozy nights, cuddling, rekindling romance….you get the idea!

It’s also the season for taking love to the next level – I mean engagement season! We all have heard the beautiful stories of how people have proposed (or been proposed to!). I’m not sure about you, but I’m a sucker for these romantic tales.

We know one young man who ┬áin the next week will be asking his girlfriend of 5+ years to make their love last an eternity. He chose a beautiful cushion cut diamond as a center stone which is set on a thin band of sparkling round diamonds. GORGEOUS! He actually had her mother help him design the ring…OK this is just gushing with sweetness, isn’t it?!

We can’t wait to hear the story of their special moment, but until then, what’s the sweetest engagement story you’ve heard…or maybe even your own engagement story? Spill it! We LOVE the romance of this season!

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