Scarves and jewelry?

Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in What's New | Comments Off on Scarves and jewelry?

As the temperature drops, we turn to a different wardrobe. One that includes layers, thick sweaters, tall boots, warm winter coats and hats. And scarves.

Scarves have become one of the most popular accessories in recent years, yet again. A return from decades ago, scarves again can be an accessory to the outfit, rather than just a practical addition to the winter coat, gloves, and hat that protect from the frigid cold. Short tufts of chiffon hugging the neck, long thin bands of cloth wrapped around the neck, thick yarn woven and coiled around the neck.

Whatever the style, this impacts your jewelry. If for  no other reason than that your necklace or pendant can more easily snag a scarf and cause damage, take a look at how they interact. Consider too that your necklace might add just the right amount of sparkle to your neck beneath your winter accessory.

What other changes happen with your jewelry chest as the seasons change?


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