Our New Shop – Sorella Presents Palladium Jewelry

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Our New Shop – Sorella Presents Palladium Jewelry

We’re really excited to announce that we’ve just launched a brand new online shop – Sorella Presents Palladium Jewelry. Maybe not the catchiest name, but you’ll definitely find some gorgeous jewelry there. In addition to our own original designs, we’ll also be featuring designs from exciting designers.

This shop is devoted entirely to jewelry made in Palladium? What’s Palladium, you ask? Well, it’s only the hottest precious white metal in jewelry design today!  It’s a member of the Platinum Group Metals, and, like platinum, is naturally white, 95% pure , rare,hypoallergenic,  and very durable.

But Palladium has a huge leg up over Platinum. It’s 40% less dense than Platinum which translates into a lighter weight. This light weight combines with a lower cost per ounce to make Palladium a very affordable white luxury metal.

Many designers and customers are turning away from white gold and to Palladium. White gold is a naturally yellow precious metal that uses alloys to change it’s color (Palladium is actually one of these alloys.) White gold is never as white as Platinum or Palladium and tends to change color (become more yellow) over time. Palladium, like Platinum, will never fade or change color.

To learn more about this wonderful precious white metal that we’ve fallen in love with, check out our “Palladium Primer.”

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