How to Spot a Jewelry Rut

Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in What's New | Comments Off on How to Spot a Jewelry Rut

Ever get stuck in a jewelry rut? You know, always wearing the same earrings, watch, and rings. Maybe even keeping the same necklace on for days or weeks at a time? Now, I’m not talking about your wedding ring, or that special gold necklace and pendant your grandmother gave you when you graduated from college. I’m talking about your stylish, fashionable jewelry. The jewelry that is meant to be a compliment to your outfit today, and then should be saved for the next outfit that beckons it.

I’ve been there. I have this wonderful pair of silver drop earrings. I think they frame my face nicely, and they have a vintage feel with a modern twist. They seem to reflect my style, they go with nearly everything. As you can see, these earrings are pretty awesome! Well, for as much as I adore these earrings, they really aren’t meant for daily wear (um, I’m guessing maybe 100+ days in a row??). Up until a few days ago, I wouldn’t have described this situation as a jewelry rut, because I love these earrings, and I made the choice to wear them, day after day after day….And then just the other day, one of the earrings broke. Panic!

Forced into exploring my other options, I found that I have other earrings that actually reflect my style. Imagine that! So, maybe this was a rut after all? I’m working to find my way out on the other side, and I’m actually enjoying rediscovering some of my old faves. May you never find yourself in my shoes!

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