Holiday Jewelry Anyone?

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Do you wear festive holiday jewelry? I know for some, holiday jewelry probably borders on the gaudy edge of fashion, while others see it as one more way to celebrate the season.

After working in elementary schools for a few years, I quickly acquired many handmade holiday accessories (think crocheted Christmas wreath pins, starched spider web pins, and the like). However, I do have a few “finer” pieces of holiday jewelry that I truly think accent my holiday garb (and the 6 and 7 year olds think so, too!).

Recently I visited a paint your own ceramic studio with some girlfriends. They also specialized in fused glass. The plates and bowls made to look like pumpkins and ghosts that really caught my attention. They even had bat earrings that I found to be a classier rendition of something you might see in the pop-up stores Halloween USA/City/Country whatever it may be called where you’re from.

So whatever your fancy, don it proudly and know that goblins and ghouls don’t judge!

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