Always Precious

We have one golden rule when we consider materials for creating our jewelry … precious metals only.

Yes, yes, yes … we’ve heard the increasing chatter about “alternative” metals, but we are not swayed. “Alternative ” is a code word for non-precious, non-rare, a base metal.

Some of these “alternative” metals include industrial metals such as titanium, tungsten, and stainless steal. As colored glass is to genuine gemstones, “alternative” metals are to precious metals.

We’re particularly off put by the “branded” metals that some jewelers have created – in affect giving their own fancy name to stainless steel and then charging a premium for it. But renaming a base metal doesn’t turn it into a precious one, even if they price it as if it is.

They have their place and we’re not saying they should not be used or purchased. We just believe that consumers need to understand clearly the difference so that they can pay accordingly.  Alternative metals, regardless of what they’re called, cannot be used to create fine jewelry.

At Sorella, we work exclusively with the fine jewelry precious metals – Platinum, Palladium, Gold (10k, 14k, 18k), Sterling Silver.


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